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Most of the links on this page link to the old RQST. They need fixing.

18th October 2008

The Subatomic Comic pages have now been completely converted from HTML to PHP. They won't be published until after I've PHP'd everything else, but neither will this news page, so I doubt anyone'll get too annoyed.

(And strangely enough, I PHP'd the news page at the same time just so I could announce the new progress.)

Now I look, I realise that I've not actually announced the start of the PHPization on the News page. I did a Subatomic Comic about it, but nothing on the news page. Ah well.

9th May 2008

To minimise the risk of surfers being put off by a big long block of continuous prose on the home page, I've moved all the News stuff onto a separate page, and replaced it with something a bit more descriptive.

Which you'll probably have realised by now, since you're looking at the News page.

5th May 2008

The new Art is uploaded. It seems to be gradually transmuting into a webcomic for some reason, though.

3rd May 2008

There's now a lot more art on the Art page. I've had these lying around on my computer for a while, but haven't uploaded them until now.

I've got still more lying around but haven't uploaded them yet.

7th February 2008

Art or random pointless doodles?
Is there a difference?

29th November 2007

The epic Written Conversation 6 has finally been finished.

12th September 2007

The secrets of perpetual motion have been achieved by the hippophants, using manatees. Click here.

30th June 2007

Extreme Snap!

23rd April 2007

Another (particularly surreal) written conversation, that really needs to be read out loud to be understood.

14th March 2007

As well as the random quasi-scientific theories, there are now a stack of amended indoor sports on RQST.

5th March 2007

Some more strange things. We've got another Anti-nuke amendment, another written conversation, and a bit more Further Integrification.

21st February 2007

New Hippophant-related Anti-Nuke stuff, about L-Bombs and L-ephants.

23rd January 2007

New further integrification info.

1st December 2006

Two new maths-related theories. There's the Existentially Challenged Universe Theory (the universe doesn't exist), and Integrification (a bizarre parody of a mathematical function).

15th November 2006

New hit counter image at the bottom of the page. (Woo...glowing...)

In unrelated news, instead of putting my fictional languages on RQST, as I was planning to do, I've put them on a separate website, http://nacl.awardspace.com. Visit it!

4th November 2006

The small world theory's finished! (Sort of.)

18th October 2006

According to www.innergeek.us, i am a total geek.


After a big clearout, I finally unearthed the paperwork for the Small World Theory! (Coming soon.)

3rd September 2006

New bit on the Hippophants and Anti-nukes!

20th September 2006

New bits on the anti-nukes, and a strange add-on linking the hippophants to the gelatinous blobs.

14th September 2006

The Stick People in Space episodes have been temporarily withdrawn, since the Daleks were being uncooperative (don't ask). When they are re-released, they'll be downloadable as ZIP files to make downloading quicker.

3rd September 2006

Wow, there's some handy stuff on www.DynamicDrive.com! (Visit it! It's amazing!)

So far today, I've contracted the SPiS part of the Strange Things page, and added descriptions to the links at the top of the page! Handy.

31st August 2006

Stick People in Space Episode 2 Version 1.0 and 1.1 are complete!!

28th August 2006

RQST is back online! (I've no idea why it disappeared into thin cyberspace-air-equivalent, since my account is still there, but it's back now.)

27th August 2006

Things are progressing well with Stick People in Space Episode 2 - Attack of the Daleks. Coming soon!

Meanwhile, strange things are happening at Awardspace. I think, since I haven't logged in for so long, it's deleted my account. I'll try and fix the problem ASAP.

22nd August 2006

That's all of the new e-mailed stuff finished. (Finally.)

The new bits can be seen in the Anti-Nuke Theories (freshly renamed from Anti-Nuke Theory), the Speed of Beaver, the Earth Rotation Theories, the Hippophant study, and the Tetrahedral Universe Model.

So, that just leaves the Small World Theory. (Where did I put that piece of paper?)

19th August 2006

Sorry about the big time gap. I've been concentrating on Stick People in Space, Tachyon (this other random web-based virtual environment I've been working on) and going on holiday to Yorkshire. I'm back now, though.

In my absence (sort of), Nick has e-mailed me another bunch of add-ons to all of the unanswered questions on the site.

(He threatened to do this a few months ago, but now he's actually done it. Scary.)

24th July 2006

My computer is now back, and completely functional! (Hopefully.)

Just the Dinosaurs and the Small World Theory to get done now, until I think up the specifics of the new Quantum Additives Theory.

15th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed...

...that's all of the anti-nukes done!

(That only leaves the Dinosaur Extinction Theories. They might take a bit longer, though, since my computer's getting repaired.)

14th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed... (There's a lot of it!)

There's now a bit more anti-nuke stuff, including plasma and some wormhole diagrams. (Wormhole diagrams are hard to draw!)

11th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed...

...that's all of the TOEs finished.

10th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed...

I've ended the Stick People in Space Screensaver poll. The results were:

- so no Stick People in Space screensaver for now.

Also, I've added a rainbow effect from www.dynamicdrive.com to all the links on the site. (Move your mouse onto a link!)

9th July 2006

Things are back to normal now. Mostly.

The header and footer are back, but the link bar on the left has completely evaporated. It looks better without it, though.

All my text has finally sized itself down! (After a half-day delay.)

8th July 2006 (later)


My computer deleted the header, footer and link bar on my working copy AND on the published internet version!

Yep, my computer needs fixing.

For the moment, you'll have to make do with the hurriedly HTML'd hyperlinks I've put at the top of the page.

With luck, things'll get back to normal ASAP.

(Or, as normal as this website can be expected to be.)

8th July 2006 (a bit earlier)

Even more strange things are happening! The link bar to the left is acting eratically, so I've replaced it with a new one, and added one to the top of the screen as well.

I've decided to redo the top of the pages, and shrink all the text down a bit. It'll be a long time before I get round to it, though.

6th July 2006

Strange things are happening on RQST. Ever since I got the new Cbox thing, my header, footer and link bar have evaporated off my working copy. Whether this is just my computer gradually dying again, an HTML blip, or something else, I don't know. But, this means the new stuff is going to take even longer to sort out than I had anticipated.

5th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed...

4th July 2006

Still getting the new stuff typed...

...we now have the new hippophants sorted out, and not a lot else.

The main reason is, I've got distracted by the Free Hosted Websites Community (see the links page or guestbook) and the new guestbookish comment box thing. You should be able to see it to the right. If you can't, I've messed up the HTML again.

3rd July 2006

Well, that was an eventful weekend. I now have enough new material for seventeen theories and three added bits to existing theories! This'll take a while to type.

Before long, there'll be one new bit for the Hippophants and two for the Anti-nukes, as well as thirteen dinosaur extinction theories, a Small World theory and three Theories of Everything.

21st June 2006

Yesterday, I forgot to mention a few things. RQST has now applied for the is 'Random Junk' and 'Mad Science' web rings. (Hence the links at the top of the page.) Also, there's another unti-nuke bit on the Anti-nuke Theory.

19th June 2006


My home computer just deleted my main copy of RQST!!

Well, it's not that bad. I still have about five backup copies, and all the lost information is already uploaded onto the Internet.

Repairing my main copy is a bit time-consuming, though, and it's wasting valuable time that could be better spent playing Homeworld.

(The PC game Homeworld is the single most important reason why it took about nine months to get this site built in the first place. It's such an addictive game! And, it was only £1.99 to get a second-hand copy (probably less if you look on eBay).)

16th June 2006

New bit on the Anti-nukes today, about Unti-nukes, and how the universe will end. Also, Nick has managed to relate the Salami System extra bit to the main Anti-nuke theory.

Also, I would like to point out that the Guestmap on the Strange Things page is for mark your location (real or imaginary), not for playing a game of Risk!

7th June 2006

Since 5th June, there have been two broken links on the link bar, to the Hippophants and String Theory 2. They've been repaired now, though.

6th June 2006

I've realised that the slide show bit of Stick People in Space 1.2 sometimes stops working halfway through the cartoon. So, it now has a backup version underneath, which should work all the time.

Screensaver version of SPiS 1 coming soon! (Hopefully.)

5th June 2006

To minimise the risk of surfers being put off by a big long block of continuous prose on the home page, I've moved almost all the stuff that was here onto the ReadMe page, and replaced it with a news page.

Um, that's about it for the home page thus far. Hopefully it'll develop a bit more as I do more things on the site.

Home / Theories / Indoor Sports

Home / Theories / Indoor Sports / Languages / Art / Subatomic Comic / Strange Things / Survey / News / E-Mail / Links

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